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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts now. now at 11:00, an economic hit to northeast ohio. 200 steelworkers will be laid off. the news rocking a local community. we'll have that story minutes away. first, the controversial decision not to prosecute officers involved in the tamir rice shooting has taken an ugly turn. >> death threats and even a bounty on the head of cuyahoga county prosecutor time mcgint -- tim mcg nie ty. paul was the first to learn about the hateful messages and tonight he has the fallout. >> reporter: last night i got a message from a viewer.
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downtown threatening to tim mcginty on the 10th floor. what do you do? is it credible? it is out there. now it uh peevers -- now it appears it is credible. it is a picture of him with his home address over his face. obviously we blotted it out and other have not. it was seen at a construction site across the street from the new downtown hinins. we reported the night the prosecutor's decision sheriff were guarding mcginty's house. the same as they do now. never revealed his address. is it necessary? we are told absolutely. there are many threats. some are rapts and others -- rants and others are being taken seriously and the poster is one of them. it of oners a half million dollar reward if anyone harmed mcginty or killed him. the real worry is that the
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group called put wings on pigs, as in police, or put wings on prosecutors. in other states they have been prosecuted or even jailed for making the posts. cleveland 19. >> republic steel is temporarily aisle delling its -- idling the plant. the process will be staggered over the next few months. the lorain plant has continued to struggle over the last year with a decline in demand. and the struggling city of lorain is once again dealt an economic blow. >> the slow down in the steel industry cuts deep into the community. sara goldenburg with that story tonight. >> these layoffs are likely to have a ripple affect here in lorain. it hurts not just steel, woulders and their families, but a community trying to pick itself back up. >> the steel mills stretch for miles on the south side of lorain where the city and the hard working people have seen better days.
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i came in 55 from my homeland. this is nothing. this is unpredictable. >> julio cruz remembers bumper to bumper traffic outside of the steel mills as thousands headed in and out of work. he came from puerto rico to be part of the boom and they were not alone. >> everybody says hi, good morning. >> across from republic steel where 200 workers with i will be laid off in the next few months, he may not see as many familiar faces stoping by. >> they usually give me 50, 60 truck driverses getting food. when it started dropping down i had a feeling something was going on. >> the pain of layoffs could stretch to downtown where the empty storefronts dot the roads alongside the businesses and the restaurants. lorain has had its share of lay of yos before and 2016
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is starting off with another bump in the road. >> they make the steel of a the cost of what they can make it for. >> residents and workers workers in lorain keep pushing forward hoping better days are around the corner. >> you can see it on the people's face and hopefully things will change. >> in lorain, sara goldenburg, cleveland 19. >> lorain's mayor is expected to address the layoffs tomorrow. meanwhile republic says 900 employees will continue to be employed at the other locations in canton, maslin, solin. >> new tonight federal authorities have arrested two people on alleged terrorism offenses. >> they say there is no security threat to the public. both suspects are iraqisss in the u.s. as refugees. one suspect traveled to fight alongside a terrorist organization.
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lied on his citizenship application and the weapons training he received. using a fake gun he stole the ornaments. when he pulled out a gun and threatened him, it turned out to be a bb gun with the orange tip removed. >> the dow tumbled 390 points. it leaves stocks down more than 900 points in the first four days of the year. once again the trouble started in china where trading was stopped after 30 minutes when the stocks fell more than 7%. since the market opened up today it has been up and down again and of course all of this means there could be some uncertainty tomorrow here in the united states. >> a warning tonight if you
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hackers may have gotten uh hold of 320,000 e-mail addresses and pass words who have road runner. it is unclear how many people here in northeast ohio could be affected, but the cable company is advising everyone to change their pass words to make sure you are protected. >> good advice. >> we uncovered the browns quarterback johnny manziel had another run in with police. he was pulled over for expired plates. it happened before and police didn't do anything. scott taylor was first to report the incident. he is live with the new information. scott? >> reporter: denise, with all due report, johnny manziel has been pulled over twice in less than three months. this is starting to get ridiculous. the guy plays in the stadium behind me and he is making millions of dollars. that's the cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel getting pulled over last weekend around 7:30 in the morning in north olmstead, ohio.
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about it wednesday night on twitter. later that night reports had johnny in vegas, but so far we haven't seen any video proof. a north olmstead police officer saw no front license plate on johnny's $100,000 2015 nissan gtr and then realized johnny's license plate was expired by almost three and a half months. this car looks really familiar. we've seen it before. johnny was driving the exact same car in avon last october when police pulled him over after he and his girlfriend got into a domestic dispute. here is the difference in the two police stops. north olmstead police cited johnny for an expired license plate, almost three and a half months expired. his tags were up september 20th. three months earlier on october 12th, avon police didn't give johnny any ticket even though his plates expired 22 days earlier.
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want to know if avon police gave johnny a break or even expired. avon police tell me an expired plate might have been missed. officers use their best discretion when deciding to enforce any violation. no special treatment was given to mr. manziel. that cool car that johnny drives, well it is registered to a company in texas. that company is owned by johnny manziel. by the way he can appear in court later this month to fight the charge, the ticket, the citation, or he can just go on-line and pay $125 on the fine. live in downtown cleveland, scott taylor, cleveland 19. welshing the cleveland clinic says in patient services will end on february 5th. the clinic is closing the hospital to build an outpatient family health center across the street which will open in 2018. the current department will
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opens. new dietary guidelines released by the obama administration say we need to cut back on our sugar intake. they call for added sugar to be no more than 10% of your daily calories. that's the equivalent of a 16-ounce pop. the updated recommendations removes the limit on dietary cholesterol because they can't find enough evidence to show eating foods high in cholesterol and the amount of bad cholesterol that ends up in your blood. but the report says teenage boys and men eat too much protein and should cut back on eggs, meat and poultry. instead they should eat more fruits and vegetables. many of you have come down with a case of powerball fever after no one -- after no one won the big jackpot last night. dozens of people across the country are buying tickets for the record $700 million jackpot. and lottery officials say that could go even higher by the
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saturday night. the poi better ball jackpot has not been hit since november 4th. -- the powerball jackpot has not been it hit since november 4th. the bedbug epidemic is not going away. we asked how to spot and treat a potential problem. >> a health alert. when is the best time to exercise? it turns out men and women are not created equal. we'll explain. >> all right, well it is going to be warming up for rain tomorrow, but then we have big changes and snow in the forecast late this weekend and into next week. segment. >> and how a life-saving organ donation turned to true love. >> breaking news and weather, download the cleveland 19 news
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live from cleveland's news cleveland news. as we told you last night cleveland is third in the u.s. for cases of bedbugs according to terminix who put out the
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in addition to houses and apartments and hotels, bedbugs are also found in stores, doctors offices and nursing homes. according to exterminators, the insects are the toughest pests to kill and bedbugs can travel up to 100 feet a night. . i know. one of the reasons the numbers have gone up is in the past year more people are looking for the insects. >> as tiffani tucker found most of the time people don't realize they have a problem until it is too late. >> if you have never seen a bedbug, you better take a close look at what the critter looks like. that's because experts say these pests can be found anywhere. >> this is not a sanitation issue. we treat five star hotels and some of the swankiest communities. >> chris is a bedbug inspector for terminix. he has been dealing with bedbug dilemmas for a decade and has seen the worst of the worst.
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communities where you walk into a unit and bedbugs are raining off the ceilings. >> that's a severe infestation. bedbugs reproduce quickly. you can start with a dozen and then hundreds in a short period of time. ohio tops the list when it comes to bedbugs ranking third in the nation. he says that's because people travel in and out of the state to take a break from the cold and bring the critters back home. there are things you can do to tackle the tiny pests like checking the seems in your mattress and box springs and head boards and your night stands. if you spot them, let the pros take over. >> anything from nonchemical to chemical. we do use cryonite and steam heat and heat remediation that is a dry heat that we introduce to a home or apartment unit. >> the cuyahoga county health department does not track bedbugs, but they do respond to complaints. they received more than a hundred complaint last year alone. for more information head to
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>> thanks, tiffani. ladies, listen up. we are not created equal when it comes to losing weight. a new study found the best times when women and men should exercise to burn the most fat. researchers say women should eat before you workout while men should eat right after exercising. this has to do with how our bodies burn up the carbs. while the women burn the most calories in the three hours after, the men's body burns more fat when they replace exercising. listening. i am always hoping gree before a work -- hungry before a workout. >> a third of americans don't get the recommended seven hours of sleep a night. the group that gets the least mom. lack of sleep was linked to other health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure and heart disease. all right, an illinois
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stage four liver disease and in a desperate need of a donation found more than a donor. a former marine overheard the woman's cousin discussing the situation. he decided to see if he was a match even though he had never met her. when he found out he was a match he called her with the news and the sparks started flying. >> he is like i'm a match. i'm your donor. let's do this. i was like, what? >> no regrets. i would do it again in a heartbeat if i had to. >> a couple months later the surgery was scheduled. after recovering the two continued to grow closer and last month they got engaged and plan to get married this october. >> both are doing great health wise and they can't wait to walk down the aisle. >> that's nice. most students take a foreign language class even starting in grade school, but one local school is teaching kid american sign language. we went to north olmstead to meet tonight's ramona's kid. >>
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my home sweet home >> this is the sign language club at st. brendan school. they got so big that they had to split in three sections. one even allows parents to join in so it is a family affair there. >> we would teach each other what signs we learned. it is really cool. >> i decided to take sign language because when i come across someone that is deaf i know how to communicate with them. >> when one of my students tries to communicate with the deaf person, the deaf person will get very excited because somebody knows their language. >> it is wonderful indeed. shaz shar -- that's shar, a deaf volunteer who helps the kids.
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at the christmas program. it helps teach them how to interact and act with people with disabilities. >> hi, christie. >> let's talk about -- i know you are talking snow, but first there is good stuff. >> the snow is not going to come into play until late this week end. in the meantime we continue to warm up. tomorrow will be rain and not during the morning commute though. you are looking good for the early morning. low 30s downtown. we have clouds on the increase. in fact i worded the forecast as increasing cloud. it is an easy one. here you go. this is the rain, the system that will be moving in here. after 10:00 in the morning it is pretty disorganized right now. it will come together as a shield with rain, light to moderate on the rain. elyria right now is mostly cloudy and sandusky and norwalk and mansfield.
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about 24 though as the clouds continue to increase. and tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we could be in the low 30s along the lakeshore here. it is still 20s inland. and if things go correctly the way i think before the steadier rain arrives, we could hit the mid40s. future view around 1:00 and we will get rain-cooled air in here by late day. as we look at the hour by hour, 7:00 a.m. dry and may even start out with hazy sun. here is your rain. now in some of the usual colder spots it could start off as a brief period of freezing rain around worcester and holmes county. and it will be all rain by the afternoon. the temperatures will be warm enough for that. 4:00 rain and then by 7:00 tomorrow evening the steadier rain will begin to lift out drizzle. we are looking at a quarter
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we could get a third in the cleveland area and elyria and that will wet things down. the first alert for the rain tomorrow and not during the morning. it is more during your afternoon travel. 45 with the showers after 10:00 a.m. in cleveland. akron canton forecast high 44. you have the cleveland 19 umbrella there. 25 starts things off. showers by lunch. a little bit of mist or rain early saturday. otherwise cloudy and 50, but then the showers on saturday there is your drop. we will go through the 30s on sunday and it becomes very windy. rain to snow and lake affect snow on sunday night. monday for the most part dry and 30 and then another arctic front on tuesday. it will be snow showers here and wind and wow wednesday of next week 16 is your high. that's when the true arctic
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here's the buzz. >> now it is time for the buzz mill outlet. >> in the buzz tonight we are getting our first look at "fuller house." >> and the queen b will be performing at the super bowl half time show. beyonce will play with coldplay on february 7th. the two collaborated on the new rock band album. beyonce headlined the show three years ago in new orleans. >> it should be fun. "fuller house" comes out on netflix and we have a sneak peek. stephanie tanner and kimmy gibbler move in with dj to help raise her three sons. all of the original characters will star in the reboot except for the olson twins. it is time for your cheap gas report. $1.89 in stowe at the get-go. in fairview park $1.87.
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and we found it for $1.85 at the grab-n-go. mark schwab is coming up with
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> the browns are on day two of the interview process. yesterday they knocked out a couple of them. today was former head coach of the buffalo bill doug marrone. now he opted out of his deal in buffalo after last season. the players, well, some of them were happy to see him go. they didn't seem to like him. now he's in jacksonville as the offensive line coach and assistant head coach. the panthers have confirmed the browns will interview their defensive coordinator sean mcdermott. that was supposed to happen tonight and it has been moved. some say sunday, but that conflicts when they are
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in cincinnati. i don't know how it will all wash out, but they will talk to him. it is just a matter of when. ohio is looking to next year, a season where they will return their starting quarterback, but not many other guys. meyer was at the woody hayes athletic center to talk about it. >> we gave up a last-second field goal to a very good team at the end of the season. other than that our team did a good job. >> a relaxed urban meyer gave a state of the buckeyes in columbus. commending players for not only what they accomplished, but the focused way they went about their business. case in point, ezekiel elliott who blocked out the distractions and then blocked in the bowl. >> why would he play so hard? his blocking in that final game was as good as it has ever been. why would he do that? i question that and i will question this team, why did he do that? he did it for the love of the teammate and the love of the
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what does the future hold? bright. it is a hunger. it is going to be a hungry, nasty and mean team i hope. >> hungry and mean? more than likely. it will also be a team missing nine top tier players who decided to heed the siren's call and go pro. >> the door is open now. a guy like kj hill, we almost played him, but we didn't. willis has to get through the injury bug and you have all of these good young players and it is their time to shine and time to go. >> the only one who apparently isn't going anywhere is urban meyer whose name has been linked to a certain job opening in cleveland. >> that's not gonna happen. >> no, he actually said -- it has come up before when he was in florida and came up probably at ohio state. it is a rumor a week or two ago. one of those things honored by
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police in massachusetts are calling a dog a hero tonight. >> his elderly owner was having a medical emergency and her two scottish carriers ran off. officers were able to find one dog named jacques and anna bell was missing. jacques was able to lead them to her by barking and running to where she was. she was trapped on an embankment surrounded by ice. crews were able to scoop her up and the pups are reunited with their owners tonight. >> good doggies. >> cleveland nip teen weather app, you will -- 19 weather app you will need it tomorrow. after 10:00 a.m. is when we will get the rain. warming into the 30s and samantha roberts will be here with an update in the morning. >> thanks for joining us. cleveland 19 news starts at 4:30 a.m.
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